AL 31 7S Single MECHANICAL SEAL 31 7MM complete seal to suit Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps Vulcan 92 Billi BB13F 32mm in Seals from Automobiles Motorcycles

AL 31 7S Single MECHANICAL SEAL 31 7MM complete seal to suit Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps Vulcan 92 Billi BB13F 32mm in Seals from Automobiles Motorcycles
AL 31 7S Single MECHANICAL SEAL 31 7MM complete seal to suit Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps Vulcan 92 Billi BB13F 32mm in Seals from Automobiles Motorcycles
AL 31 7S Single MECHANICAL SEAL 31 7MM complete seal to suit Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps Vulcan 92 Billi BB13F 32mm in Seals from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Model Number: AL-31.7S

Brand Name: WISH

Style: Mechanical Seal

Material: CAR/SIC/EPDM


SERIES: Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps



WISH Brand provide All range of shaft seals for ALFA LAVAL Pumps

AL _AL-31.7-42


Manufacturer Pump type




MRPX, HMRPX514,714,818




ALC (D Series)

B09DU / M010X







LKHP, LKH 110, 112, 113, 114




MR, LKH, Solid C, CM, EM, FM, MR, GM, ME, ALC (F Series)




















SRU Hyclean








SRU (SSR SR), NMOG Double seal








MOG 600, 1000, 2000, 3000 Series, (SSP I2, M2)






Type: Suit for Alfa Laval MR166A, MR166B and MR166E Pumps

Replacement: AES P07-22C, Vulcan 93, Billi BB13C(22mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval ME155AE, GM1, GM1A, GM2 and GM2A, MR166E Pumps

Replacement: AES P07-22D, Vulcan 93B, Billi BB13D(22mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval CM & EM Series Pumps

Replacement: AES P07-22A, Billi BB13A(22mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval FMO, FMOS, FM1A, FM2A, FM3A and FM4A Pumps

Replacement: AES P07-22B, Vulcan 91B, Billi BB13B(22mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval MR185A and MR200A Pumps

Replacement: AES P07-27, Vulcan 92, Billi BB13E(27mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps

Replacement: Vulcan 92, Billi BB13F(32mm,42mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps with Flushed Seal Chamber and PTFE Lip Seal

Replacement: AES P07-O-YS-0350(35mm), Billi 13FC

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps, with a flushed seal chamber

Replacement: AES P07-E-S-0350(35mm,42mm), Vulcan 92B, Billi BB13G(32mm,42mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval SRU, NMOG Pump

Replacement: AES W03DU

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval SSP, SR Pumps

Replacement: AES W03, Vulcan 1688W, Crane 87(EI/EC)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval SSP SR Pumps

Replacement: AES W03S, Vulcan 1682, Crane 87(EI/EC)

Type: Wave Spring Mechanical Seal, Suit for Alfa Laval, Johnson Pumps

Replacement: AES W01

Type: Double Seal, Suit for Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps with a Flushed Seal Chamber and double seals

Replacement: Vulcan 92D, Billi BB13FD (32mm,42mm)

Type: Double Seal, Suit for Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps

Replacement: AES P07-0350(22mm,35mm,42mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval ALC Series Pumps with a flushed Seal Chamber,For Non-Flushed ALC Series Pumps,Please choose the Style AL-18

Replacement: AES P07-53, Vulcan 90, Billi BB13(53mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps

Replacement: AES P07-42(42mm)

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval LKR Series Agitators

Replacement: AES BHCH, Vulcan 17B

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval ALC Series Pumps

Replacement: AES B02D,Vulcan 19C,Burgmann MG1/G9,Flowserve ALC, Billi BB3-AL

Type: O-Ring Mechanical Seal, Suit for Alfa Laval ALC Pumps

Replacement: AES B09DU

Type: Multi Spring Mechanical Seal, Suit for Alfa Laval Pumps

Replacement: Crane 9T+Vulcan 23

Type: Suit for ALFA LAVAL LKR-5 Pumps

Replacement: AES MOHCH

Type: Multi Spring Mechanical Seal, Suit for Alfa Laval ALC Pumps

Replacement: AES M010X

Type: Suit for ALFA LAVAL MOG and ALP Lobe Pumps series

Replacement: AES W09

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval LKPL, NMOG and SRU new Lobe Pumps

Replacement: AES W016U, Billi BB7K-AL2-NEU

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval CONTHERM Scraped-surface heat exchangers

Replacement: AES SOZ,Billi BB12

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval Pumps

Replacement: AES W13


Type: Suit for Alfa Laval Pumps

Replacement: AES W13S

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval LKHI,LKHP,LKHSP and LKH100 multi-stage Series pumps

Replacement: AES MP07, Vulcan 912, Billi BB13KIT

Type: ALFA LAVAL Pump Seal

Replacement: LIDERING AL-N-22

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval Tri-Clover Pumps

Replacement: Vulcan 1628,Billi BB93KIT

Type: Suit for ALFA LAVAL LKPL, NMOG and SRU Lobe Pumps

Replacement: Vulcan 1680

Type: Suit for ALAFA LAVAL MOG, ALP Lobe Pumps

Replacement: Vulcan 1655,Billi BB55

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval SR Lobe Rotor Pumps

Replacement: Vulcan 1694

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval Tri-Clover Pumps

Replacement: Vulcan 293, Billi BB93

Type: Suit for Alfa Laval C.S.F Inox AS and CS Centrifugal Series Pumps

Replacement: Vulcan 13M, Billi BB5

Type: Suit for ALFA LAVAL ALC Pumps-Replacement:Burgmann G13

Mechanical seals are available

Replacement: Suit for ALFA LAVAL SR, LOBE Series Rotary Lobe Pumps

Replacement: Suit for ALFA LAVAL MOG, ALP Series Rotary Lobe Pumps

Replacement: Suit for ALFA LAVAL CHT-718 Pump


All range of mechanical seal for Alfa Laval series pumps:
LKH 5, LKH 10/LKHEX 10, LKH 15/LKHEX 15, LKH 20/LKHEX 20, LKH 25/LKHEX 25, LKH 35/LKHEX

35, LKH 40/LKHEX 40, LKH 45/LKHEX 45, LKH 50/LKHEX 50 to -60,LKH 60/LKHEX 60,LKH-

70,75,80,85,90 Centrifugal Pump.LKH-110,112,113,114 , LKH-122,123,124/P Multi-Stage

Centrifugal Pump, LKH Evap pumps, LKHPF 10-60, LKHPF 70, LKHI10, LKHI15, LKHI20

, LKHI25, LKHI35, LKHI40, LKHI45, LKHI50 ,LKHI60 .Centrifugal Pump, LKH UltraPure (LKHUP-

10, LKHUP-20, LKHUP-25/35, LKHUP-40)
SolidC 1-4, SolidC 1-4 UltraPure, LKHP, LKHSP, Tri-Clover CL Pump
Alfa Laval Pumps CM & EM, FM0, FM0S, FM1A, FM2A, FM3A and FM4A, MR-166S, MR-185S and MR-200S, MR-300, MR166A, MR166B and MR166E, ME155AE, GM1, GM1A, GM2 and GM2A, RM-2 - 7.5kW, RM-2 and RM-3 - 11-18.5 kW, Centrifugal pump, MR-166S, MR-185S & MR-200S Liquid Ring Pump, MR UltraPure, MR185Aand MR200A, MR-300 Liquid Ring Pump, MR 260A, C, SP Pump. Alfa Laval i-CP2000.
Alfa Laval ALC-1, ALC-2, ALC-3(D Seal), type LKVP, MR 300.
F3218 Blender mechanical seal. Tri BlenderF1114_2114, Tri BlenderF2116, TriBlenderF4329.SSP

Range, SSR Range, IBEX MOG pumps
optilobe series pumps, SX series pumps, JMW SERIES, 
Rotary Lobe Pumps
OptiLobe 22 / 23 Pump, OptiLobe 32 / 33 Pump, OptiLobe 42 / 43 Pump.
322/332 GHPD,422/432 GHPD,522/532 GHPD,622/632 GHPD,722/732 GHPD,822/832 GHPD,G&H GHC

Pumps, LKPL, NMOG AND SRU LOBE, MOG and ALP series lobe-rotor pumps, PR Pump.


Key words: Alfa Laval pump seal, mechanical seals

P/N of Shaft seals
9612-1296-09 9612-1296-10 9612-1296-11 9612-1296-12 9612-1296-05 9612-1296-06 9612-1296-07 9612-1296-08
9612-1296-25 9612-1296-26 9612-1296-27 9612-1296-28 9612-1296-29 9612-1296-30 9612-1296-31 9612-1296-32
9612-1296-13 9612-1296-14 9612-1296-15 9612-1296-16 9612-1296-17 9612-1296-18 9612-1296-19 9612-1296-20
9612-5151-01 9612-5151-02 9612-5151-03 9612-5151-04 9612-5151-05 9612-5151-06 9612-5151-07 9612-5151-08
9612-5151-09 9612-5151-10 9612-5151-11 9612-5151-12 9612-5151-13 9612-5151-14 9612-5151-15 9612-5151-16
9612-5151-17 9612-5151-18 9612-5151-19 9612-5151-20 9612-5151-21 9612-5151-22 9612-5151-23 9612-5151-24
9612-3622-01 9612-3622-02 9612-3622-03 9612-3622-04 9612-3622-05 9612-3622-06,9612-3622-07 9612-3622-08 9612-3622-09,9612-3622-10 9612-3622-11 9612-3622-12
9612-6024-01 9612-6024-02 9612-6024-03 9612-6024-04 9612-6024-05 9612-6024-06,9612-6024-10 9612-6024-11 9612-6024-12
9611-92-2339 9611-92-2338 9611-92-2340 9611-92-2357 9611-92-2356 9611-92-2358,9611-92-2375 9611-92-2374 9611-92-2376,9611-92-2392 9611-92-2393 9611-92-2394,
9611-92-2345 9611-92-2344 9611-92-2346,9611-92-2363 9611-92-2362 9611-92-2364,9611-92-2381 9611-92-2380 9611-92-2382,9611-92-2399 9611-92-2398 9611-92-2400
9612-9193-01 9612-9193-02 9612-9193-03 9612-9193-04 9612-9193-05 9612-9193-06 9612-9193-07 9612-9193-08
9612-6046-05 9612-6046-07 9612-6046-08 9612-6046-25 9612-6046-27 9612-6046-28
9612-4393-01 9612-4393-02 9612-4393-03 9612-4393-04 9612-4393-05 9612-4393-06 9612-4393-07 9612-4393-08
9612-4392-01 9612-4392-02 9612-4392-03 9612-4392-04 9612-4392-05 9612-4392-06 9612-4392-07 9612-4392-08
9612-4391-01 9612-4391-02 9612-4391-03 9612-4391-04 9612-4391-05 9612-4391-06 9612-4391-07 9612-4391-08
31801-2468-2 31801-2469-2 31801-2468-1 31801-2469-1 31460-0169-1 31460-0169-2 31460-0169-3 31460-0268-1 31460-0268-2 31460-0628-3 31801-2469-2 31801-2469-5 31801-2470-2 31801-2469-5 31801-2469-6 31801-2470-1 31801-2470-5 31801-2470-6 31460-0268-4 31460-0268-6
31454-0090-2 31454-0090-1 31454-0090-2 31454-0090-1 31452-0104-1 31452-0104-2 31452-0106-1




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